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Bad Beat Jackpot Details

Jackpot Rules Updated: 11 Apr. 2012

The bad-beat jackpot is a prize awarded to players at a table where a strong hand is beat by a stronger hand (minimum hand: AAATT). The jackpot is built-up until someone hits. The conditions are as follows.

Hand eligibility

  • Five players or more must be dealt in.
  • A bad-beat jackpot donation must have been taken from the pot.
  • The losing hand must be aces full of tens or better.
  • Both players must use both hole cards.
  • Players may not discuss their hands, reveal their holdings, or instruct one another on how to play. Any discussion by players directly or indirectly involved in the hand may void qualification.
  • Management must verify eligibility of the hand. If cards are mucked before management verifies the hand eligibility, players forfeit their claim to the prize. Management may not reconstruct the hand in any way.

Jackpot Fund

  • Donations to the bad-beat jackpot are as follows:
    ₩1,000 from every pot of ₩10,000 to ₩109,000
    ₩2,000 from every pot over ₩110,000
  • Donations are only taken from hands including five players or more.
  • Distribution of jackpot funds are as follows:
    65% to the main jackpot
    25% to the primary backup jackpot
    10% to the secondary backup jackpot
  • The total bad-beat jackpot is updated and posted at 7 p.m. every Monday.


  • Players at the table receive the following percentage from the bad-beat jackpot fund:
    losing hands: 50%
    winning hands: 20%
    All other players who were dealt in: 30%

Management reserves the right to change the rules of hand eligibility.